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There is a massive ever growing market of pirated apps out there, and the trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The cost of having a pirated app on a mobile device is high for all involved from the mobile device user, to their workplace, and even the developer of the original app. 

  • Since 2013 it is possible to download free pirated versions of paid iOS apps from rogue iOS app stores without jailbreaking your phone through a process called backloading.
  • This trend has evolved from a simple pirate site in China to what it is today, an explosion of international piracy app stores with a growing base of at least 10 million users with no sight in end for its growth.

In order to combat the chances of this happening we need to be focused on mobile security from the app up.

In this whitepaper we will explore the history of backloading and the pirate industry it has created, its hazards, and solutions.


Some Topics Covered In This Whitepaper


Infancy, evolution, and current iterations.


Security risks for users, enterprises, and developers.


Simple process for powerful security:
Scan, Protect, Track.